A high speed Braille embosser that uses off-the-shelf cut sheet paper, print graphics printout with a noise level that is lower than that of most Braille printers on the market.

The Everest is the best choice for homes, schools, the work place, or libraries or anybody that needs to produce high-quality Braille in a cheap and easy way. Using Everest together with the optional Everest Acoustic Hood reduces the noise to a level well below what is normally accepted in offices.

Using cut sheet paper makes Braille accessible and available. If you run out of paper, you no longer have to special order it, you can just run down to your local office supply store, purchase card-stock paper and be back in production in no time.

Print Braille graphics images created from any available Braille graphics software. You control the Everest with a front panel labeled both in ink and in Braille, that gives you voice confirmation of the keys pressed, thus making it a member of the most user-friendly line of Braille embossers available.


  • Speed: 340 pph (pages per hour) or 100 cps (characters per second)
  • Size: 56cm x 18cm x 43cm
  • Net mass: 14kg
  • Text Buffer: 512 KB (approx. 400 Braille pages)
  • Paper: Cut paper; suggested: Card-stock (Basis no. 67 Exact Vellum Bristol)
  • Dimensions: Width 15 - 30cm; Length 15 - 35cm
  • Double Sided System: Interpoint distance within cell 2.5 mm; Jumbo-Braille: 3.2 mm; Japanese: 3.2 mm
  • Graphics: Dot distance 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.5 min
  • Interface: Ethernet, USB, Parallel and Serial interface
  • Approval: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC and EMC rules
  • Electrical: Voltage 100 - 115 or 220 - 240V