Double sided Embosser, the Index 4X4 PRO automatically produces Braille magazines, books, and newspapers. Braille printout in saddle stitch binding format or normal printout mode, either single-sided or interpoint.

The Index 4X4 PRO is a production Braille Embosser for magazines in saddle stitch binding format. Binding of the Braille material is reduced to folding and stapling.

The 4X4 PRO it is processed in the following manner: it receives the translated Braille text from the computer and stores it in the memory. The text is processed into magazine format and it collates the document for you. Then the 4X4 PRO automatically embosses a pre-folding line in the center of each page to make the folding process easier. Staple and fold the magazine. The Braille magazine is finished!


  • 400 pages per hour, 130cps
  • Noise level below 57 dB
  • Dimensions 22" X 7.1" X 17.3"
  • Weight 31 lbs
  • Paper : Paper length: 11.5" - 17.5"; paper width: 6" - 11.5"; paper format 11" x 23"
  • Speech guided user interface in several languages
  • Braille text memory max. 200 pages
  • Voltage 100-115 V or 220-240 V, switchable