The interpoint 55 electronic braille embosser has been designed for reliable, economical practical and high quality braille production. The embosser is computer controlled and easy to operate.

The interpoint 55 embosses text on plain paper from reels without tractor feed, folds or perforations and this saves paper. After embossing, pages are cut to the correct width by a simple built-in cutting mechanism.

No need to mention that multiple copies of a document can be printed one at a time so that no collating of pages is needed afterwards.

The interpoint 55 is a graphical embosser that prints dots on paper or plastic. The relief produced by this embosser is of high quality: braille dots are nicely round shaped, have a constant height and are perfectly aligned in a fixed matrix with basic cell of 2.5 mm.

The interpoint 55 can print both single-sided and double-sided braille, on plastic or on paper and also in magazine style.


  • Up to 800 characters per second in 6 - dot braille or 2000 pages A4 per hour
  • Number of lines per page: max 32
  • Dot diameter: 1.5 mm
  • Standby: silent
  • Printing: 78 dba