Golden Jubilee in Koweit and Conference on Assistive technologies for Arabic people

Medialog participated in the Golden Jubilee  in Koweit from 8th to 12th May. It gave us the opportunity to meet with all the Blind Associations active in the Arab World.

Under the patronage of the Koweit Blind Association and in collaboration with Ritz International, Medialog organized a Conference on “ The assistive technologies for Blind People: what’s new?”

The topics were:

  • Rights of the Disabled  by Mr Hamou Bouakkaz
  • ICDL: soon available for Blind Arabic speaking People by Dr Ali Guidoum
  • Accessibility through Mobile phones by Mrs Caroline Ragot
  • Universal Design by Mr Sylvain Denoncin
  • Being a top manager and low vision: it is possible to succeed! by Mr Jan Bloem

It was really successful, the audience was very enthusiastic about the speakers input, and we would like to thank them for their qualitative presentations.

In the meantime, Medialog was pleased to offer all people present a special discount of 20%on all products  until mid July.

It is still time for you to contact us or Ritz International in Koweit!

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