The TOPAZ Desktop Video Magnifier makes seeing printed type, pictures, handwriting, and small details easier than ever before. Just place a letter or a picture on the moveable reading table and adjust the magnification level and the display colors to work best for your eyesight. Your document displays in large size on the screen.

The TOPAZ line offers 6 models with standard features built-in that often cost extra with other solutions. These features include auto focus, 16 magnification levels, 28 high contrast text color combinations, extra large reading table, push button controls and a position locator.

The Auto Focus allows you to create the clearest view without any need to make adjustments. The 16 magnification levels with a crisp, sharp image let you precisely adjust text to the size you need. Use the Position Locator beam to mark the center of the image for easy document placement and writing. Lock the focus onto an object you want to see when writing or doing crafts. The camera stays focused on the object and not your hand. Adjust pre-set video modes for high contrast text that is most comfortable for your individual eyesight, increase or decrease brightness. Two lights on either side of the camera provide object illumination, which is diffused to prevent glare and reflections when viewing shiny documents like magazines and photos. The large low-friction reading table moves a full 16 inches from left to right for easy reading of even large-format documents. Models with LCD flat panel displays allow you to adjust the height and angle of the screen for the best view and for more neck and upper back comfort when viewing.


  • Size: 11.84" / 300 mm high -without monitor; 17.2" / 437 mm wide; 17.3" / 439 mm deep
  • Weight: 10 kg - without monitor
  • Color camera
  • Magnification range:
    • 15" monitor: 2.2x to 56x
    • 17" monitor: 2.4x to 63x
    • 19" monitor: 2.7x to 70x
    • 21" monitor: 3x to 78x
  • Power Supply: Input voltage 100-240V AC; Frequency 50-60 Hz