The 4Waves PRO is the first embosser in the world based on revolutionary multi-printer design. With four identical embossing modules, it provides an availability and production speed that is much higher than any other embosser. The high speed (1000 pages per hour), the network support, the high-resolution graphics, the status feedback and the outstanding durability make it a class of its own.

The 4Waves PRO simultaneously uses four identical embossing modules. An extra service module is also included in the delivery. If an embossing module needs maintenance, replace it with the service module and continue embossing. The exchange is made within a few minutes and does not require any tools. The 4Waves PRO can continue to emboss as long as at least one module works.

In addition to that, the 4Waves PRO allows you to include and create tactile pictures anywhere in the Braille document. The WinBraille editor makes it possible to paste, manipulate and convert Windows standard images such as diagrams, maps, and clip arts into tactile format. Finally, the installation of the 4Waves Pro is easy and the set-up and Braille tables in 4Waves PRO can easily be adapted to work with any other Braille editor.


  • 1000 pages per hour
  • Service module
  • Dimensions 169x70x114cm
  • Net weight 195kg
  • Paper weight 120-180 gsm